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Pecos County, Texas

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Pecos County EMS Lifeline

Pecos County EMS

Proudly Serving Our Community


Emergency ambulance service can be costly – protect your family today! In the last 12 months Pecos County EMS has responded to over 1,700 emergencies, which can be costly, sometimes over $700 per person. We want to help the community of Fort Stockton by offering an inexpensive approach. For as little as $5 a month, or an annual payment of $60, you can protect your whole family.

EMS Lifeline is for everyone. It works by covering the cost of the uninsured portion of the ambulance service. All covered persons must maintain a residence t your household. Which mens that you, your spouse, any unmarried children under the age of 26, and any other persons that you claim as dependents on your income tax can be covered.

Coverage when you need it. EMS Lifeline covers only emergency services such as heart attack, stroke, involvement in an auto accident, or an injury that would require immediate medical transportation to a hospital. EMS Lifeline will only cover the emergency ambulance expense. It will not cover non-emergncy medical transport such as routine trips fromt he nursing home to the dialysys center, or visits to your doctor.

Pecos County EMS
310 W 5th Street
Fort Stockton, TX 79735
(432) 336-3062
FAX: (432) 336-4645

Click the image below to view the Pecos County EMS Lifeline flyer:LifeLine info


Download the Lifeline Application (2.7 MB PDF)